Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

Phoenix & the surrounding area


Luxury vinyl plank is a great product for families and people with active lifestyles. It is great for young kids and pets alike. It's scratch resistant and durable and you can spill on it so there is no harm, no foul.

Granted, waterproof does not mean floodproof. The floor must be dried out if there is a flood because if the water gets underneath, it will remain there and grow mold. Meaning the flooring needs to be taken up, but overall, the flooring is not damaged. When the subfloor and flooring is dried off, then everything can be reinstalled. If the flooring's taken up right, the same product can be reinstalled. Insurance companies especially like this option because it is one less thing to pay for. All in all, there is benefits when using Luxury vinyl plank.

It is easy to replace planks if damage does happen. Individual planks can be taken out and replaced if they are scratched or gouged. A tip is to have some planks left over from the original installation in case a plank gets damaged.

Over the years the visuals and patterns on luxury vinyl plank have improved as more time passes. If you get a product that is embossed in register or abbreviated EIR, it feels like it has the texture of real wood. A big drawback in the past was the lack of texture on Luxury Vinyl, making it look less like wood. A goal of many is to have a product that looks like hardwood without the price. With these products now having texture that mimic’s hardwood it is a more desirable product for the price.


However, the product is still plastic. It will have the same texture to help fool or convince people it is something it’s not. It doesn't insulate as well as wood, but it doesn't get as cold as tile. Even in the Midwest in the winter, it won't be as miserable to step on as a tile floor. It is a nice happy medium.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is easy to clean, with a dust mop and water. It is even able to be vacuumed without the beater bar turned on.

There are tons of different types of vinyl plank. There is regular luxury vinyl plank, which is essentially, PVC, polyvinyl chloride. Then there is WPCs, which is wood plastic composite. There is also SPCs, which has a few names but is a stone plastic composite. Essentially, the core is partially stone, which makes it more stable than traditional vinyl. Plastic expands and contracts with heat and cold. Meaning a traditional vinyl plank floor is not a great solution in Arizona. With the common high temperatures, it causes the floor to expand which can lead to buckling. SPC’s are going to be much more stable because the core is stone. Stone doesn't have any movement so even with high temperatures they won’t move.

SPC is the best product on the market right now because it is a stable product. The stone composite cores weigh more, and it lay’s better on the subfloors. This causes it to sit better so there is slightly less echo because there's more weight, getting it onto the subfloor.


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