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Laminate floors are super durable and scratch resistant. They're great for people that have gotten past the stage of kids and puppies. A lot of the laminate companies say that their product is waterproof when it's not.

The core of a laminate product is a compressed fiberboard. When a compressed fiberboard gets wet, it swells, and never goes back to normal.

It is common for companies to try to get around this by sealing the expansion gap around the perimeter of rooms with silicone. This prevents any water spilled on top from being able to get underneath the floor and into the core. All in all, this means that the product is not waterproof, but a waterproof install was done. On top of the cost of the product the install will cost significantly more due to the amount of silicone needed to fill the gap.

Even with this process there is no guarantee due to the possibility of an error. Technically, to make laminate somewhat waterproof, silicone is needed to seal all of the door jams as well. If any part of the perimeter is missed water can penetrate the area and thus making it not waterproof.

Laminate can be really durable and can be great for families. However, if there are young kids, puppies, or an aging dog, it is not the best flooring type to have. There is too much risk of it getting ruined and plank replacements aren't always exact. It is easy to do a plank replacement, but they're not cheap.



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