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Hiring Guide

Guide To Hiring A Contractor And Quality Installations

  1. Insure the company is licensed, bonded, and insured. A license insures they are compliant with state regulations to perform the work. A bond insures that if the project fails or your deposit is taken that you have recourse actions. Lastly, insurance will protect your home in case an injury or accident happens on or to your property. DO NOT hesitate to ask to see proof of licensing or insurance. Visit to search for your contractor. Workers compensation insurance is also necessary for all employees. Only owners are allowed an exemption.
  2. Check that the installation crew are hourly employees or subcontractors. If they are subcontractors, then check to make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured as well. Any work subcontracted in the state of Arizona must be to a licensed contractor. The entity subbing the work can not extend their license to anyone other than in house employees.
    Protect yourself.
  3. Ask if your contractor or crew has any additional certifications or trainings from manufacturers or industry organizations. These may include Certified Flooring Installers, National Wood Floor Association, Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, Natural Fibers Installer Certification, Bona, TEC, Schluter, Wagner, Sika, and more.
  4. Your contractor checks and notes conditions inside and outside your home. Items include temperature, humidity, drainage, bathroom availability, parking requirements, storage for furniture or tools and more. They will address any conditions that need to change or inform you to maintain the conditions as closely as possible.
  5. The company has staff that does what they say they will do when they say they will do it. Their communication is consistent, constant, and timely. Schedules for appointments and time frames are kept unless unforeseen circumstances occur.
  6. Your installation team will insure that your subfloor is flat, clean and dry to industry or manufacturer standards for your chosen floor covering. This will include checking the flatness with at least a foot straight edge, taking out high spots, and filling low spots.
  7. Premium materials are used in the correct application for your installation. From adhesives to patches to sealants and caulking, the materials are selected per your specific application, the instructions are followed, and proper curing times are met.
  8. Your company wraps up your project, provides a detailed walkthrough of the project, and gives you care instructions for your specific floor covering.


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