Dustless Tile Removal

Phoenix & the surrounding area


Dustless tile removal is the only way to remove tile and follow OSHA standards. OSHA says that there can be a certain amount of silica dust in the air and doing traditional tile removal will not meet that requirement. It is not only a safety concern for employees but also the families of homes where the tile removal is taking place. You don't want to have dust in your home longer than you need to with traditional methods. For example, traditional methods are like setting off a bomb in your house and watching a building be demolished when it falls.

There is specialty equipment used that is hooked up to industrial HEPA vacuums. As the tile is getting chipped, the dust is being sucked up as it's created to prevent it from causing issues. Some other things are done to aide in preventative measures, but the HEPA vacuum does most of the work. It also keeps the house cleaner throughout the entire process. Then there is no need to hire a cleaner at the end or have your ducts cleaned. It’s a little bit more expensive, but at the end of the day, you can't put a price on convenience.

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